Sunday, 27 February 2011

World Eaters Mark III , Nids and Iron Warriors.

So it's been a while since I last posted. Few things have happened 40k wise. My World Eaters are still under performing so for the upcoming UK GT at the end of March they are going through a bit of a redesign. The current iteration (and the one I'm currently trying to paint all the stuff up for) is;

Deamon Prince, Wings, Warptime, Mark of Nurgle
Chaos Terminator Lord, Pair of Lightning Claw
8 Khorne Beserkers with Skull Champion / Powerfist in Rhino
8 Khorne Beserkers with Skull Champion / Powerfist in Rhino
8 Khorne Beserkers with Skull Champion / Powerfist in Rhino
5 Chaos Space Marines with Plasma Gun
5 Chaos Terminators with Powerfist, Combi Melta, Icon of Khorne
3 Obliterators

The Landraider will hopefully give me more opportunities to crack open troop transports before the Beserkers hit, I've moved the Terminators from deep striking with lots of Combi Meltas to riding in the Landraider with the Lord. Hopefully with all their power weapons they should be able to do some damage, whilst also surviving the return attacks. I'm a little concerned that the Rhino's don't have Extra armour but I ran out of points. Dropping the Deamon squads was a tough decision, they were good for snatching objectives but they just couldn't hold out in combat and usually died due to the return attacks, their 5+ save just wasn't enough.

I've also joined in a 40k Planetary Empire campaign at the local club ( I'm using Nids rather than Chaos and it didn't start off that well. It's a 1300pts campaign and my first game was against Dan's Dark Eldar who had truly screwed my World Eaters over a few weeks earlier. The Nids did slightly better but ended up loosing the battle and my starport in the campaign. Given my only option to attack are Dan, and fully Mech guard army and a couple of space marine armies I'm not sure how I'll do. The army is a lot of Nid Warrios (5 Warriors with Scything and Rending, 4 Warriors with Death Spitters and a Venom  and a brood of Winged Warriors) with 2 monstrous creatures and a collection of guants. I did play against a random Witch Hunter army last week (sadly he's not in the campaign) and if I get chance I'll write that up.

Finally my Iron Warriors are going for an outing in Summer to a 2000pts tournament in the summer also at the Garrison club. This time however they are being fielded from the Space Marine codex, so I've been busy building Razorbacks, Drop Pods and Land Speeders but making them Chaos. I like some of the finished model and will get some photo's up soon.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Yorkshire Open - York heat

Although a fun day it was another disappointing result for the Chaos Space Marines :( This time an outing for the World Eaters, at 1800pts my army was

Daemon Prince, Mark of Nurgle, Wings, Warp Time
Daemon Prince, Mark of Nurgle, Wings, Warp Time
8 Khorne Beserkers, Champion with Powerfist, Rhino with Extra Armour
8 Khorne Beserkers, Champion with Powerfist, Rhino with Extra Armour
8 Khorne Beserkers, Champion with Powerfist, Rhino with Extra Armour
8 Summoned Daemons
8 Summoned Daemons
3 Terminators, 3 Combi Meltas, Powerfist, Icon of Khorne
2 Obliterators
2 Obliterators

So the same payload I took to Cal Uprising, minus a terminator but Mark of Nurgle and Extra Armour bought. I hoped for a reasonable result to wash away the bad taste from Vapnartak, but sadly .....

Game 1 - Capture and Control / Dawn of War vs. Imperial Guard
It wasn't the full blown leaf blower army that was present and for that i was relieved. It did feature a lot of Russ variant tanks which I was nervous about, as cracking armour is something this army struggles with (well one of many things). However I think he made a slight tactical mistake in deployment by deploying across a lot of his baseline, I was able to deploy in a tight bunch on one flank and use a large building (the one with the dice on) to screen my advance from a couple of his Russ' and a Plasma Cannon armed sentinel squad. That said one of my Rhinos was popped as we spread across the board, and those pie plate Str 9 attacks from Russ' really do mess up my Beserkers. However by turn 4 we were in amongst the Imperial Guard and giving them what for. My Beserkers and Obliterators were tearing though his tanks, but once again the Daemon Princes seem to attract a lot of the enemy fire and didn't  really achieve much. With a small squad or Beserkers parked on my objective after loosing 5 of their squad in the opening turn things were looking up. All i needed to was get him out of the building at the top of the photo where his objective was lurking. Sadly the game finished on Turn 5 and I wasn't able to shake the last man from the building. ONE MAN!! dammit one lone guardsman cost me the 20 - 0 massacre. Oh well.

Result - Minor Victory ( 13 - 7)

Game 2 - Sieze ground / Spearhead vs. Imperial Guard (again)

This time the army began to take on Leafblower properties, there were no Hydras but there were a lot of Vendettas and a Valkyrie. Winning the first turn roll my opponent, James, forced me into the a corner of the board with little cover, while his tanks got to set up most hull down in the ruins in his corner. I decided to leave a Rhino and Daemon Prince in reserve as well as my Terminators, Daemons and Obliterators. I hoped to come in on the board edge and rush into combat or the objectives close to the table edge. With hindsight I could probably have left another rhino and daemon prince off the board since they got pretty shot up in the first turn. However as is the way of reserves they turned up in dribs and drabs (Daemon Prince & Beserkers Trn2, Oblierators Trn3, Terminators Trn4 & Daemons Trn5). 
This was annoying to say the least but did mean that I had icons fairly well across the board when things were deep striking. My big issues was the flying transports, they kept dropping troops off on objective and then flying off to contest others, I really could do little to stop them. I managed to down one of them but the other 2 kept going. The Beserkers were chewing up his troops but taking damage in return, once again the Daemon Princes didn't really do a huge amount and were taken out by either plasma or melta fire.

Result - Draw (10 - 10)

Game 3 Annihilation / Pitched Battle vs. Grey Knights

I was hoping for a good win here. The Grey Knights lacks much serious long range firepower and the Beserkers are meant to be monsters in close combat .... aren't they? Due to choosing to deploy first I did find myself slight on the wrong side of the board compared to the majority of the Grey Knights.
However my assumption on his firepower was proven largely right as the rhinos, Obliterators and Daemon Princes advanced relatively unscathed. At the start of turn 3 I looked to be in position for a wholesale slaughter as most of my units were poised for assaults.

It just didn't work out that way, and this is where i got really demoralised about the army. I know we can't shoot, when I lose to not be able to pop tanks or skimmers its frustrating, but i realise as a Khorne army that's not my thing. But to be beaten in close combat by a bunch of not even CC specialist assault troops just makes me want to quit. It seems it doesn't matter how many Str5 attacks the Beserkers land on power armour, because they can't be given many power weapons they just get mullered. Yes they take several models from the squad but usually loose half they're number in return meaning they don't have to the weight to fight on. Needless to say this is what happened here and Beserkers

Result - Loss ( 0 - 20)

Overall i came 15th out of 20 so I'm not that happy with the Chaos Marines, we just don't seem able to score the crushing victories needed to get better placing. We either scrap a win or loose badly. Got a couple of ideas for a new version of the army dropping the Princes, Obliterators and Daemons in favour of more CC troops and a Landraider. Will see if I can get it assembled and tested in time for the UK GT in March. Otherwise I need to start planning a whole new army for future tournaments.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Vapnartak 2011 Tournament

It looks like my Iron Warriors might be getting permanently retired, either that or I need to just scrap all forms of current army list and think again, cos basically they're shit! I was playing in a 1000pts tournament on Sunday and it's the worst I've ever done in any tournament. I took;

Daemon Prince, Mark of Slaneesh, Lash of Submission
5 Chaos Space Marines with Plasmagun in Rhino
5 Chaos Space Marines with Plasmagun
5 Chaos Space Marines with Plasmagun
3 Chaos Bikers, 2 Meltaguns, Champion with Powerfist
2 Obliterators

With hindsight this army is totally flawed and pretty much rubbish, I've only 2 weapons with a range longer than 24" from the obliterators and no means to crack open the now common place mech armies, I also had a string of crap draws facing the same army over and over again, which I'm afraid to say ended up in a day i didn't really enjoy.

Game 1 - Seize Ground / Dawn of War  vs. Blood Angels
Gary my opponent, and apparently member of team England and ranked #20 in the country, good start. He was playing an entirely deep striking assault marine army. Looked very scary. The Iron Warriors deployed and waited for the deep striking to begin. In turn 2 his assault marines started to rain down. Aiming to land his array of melta weapons close to me vindicators and Obliterators, his deep strikes were fairly accurate and things didn't look good. However the dice gods looked down on me (for the only time the whole weekend). Both Vindicators were only immobilized, and my obliterators made two invunrable saves to avoid instant death. This left some tightly knit units of space marines. In Turn 3 the Obliterators obliged with Plasma Cannons, killing all 6 of one of the squad, including the priest that would have been giving nearby units 'Feel No Pain'. Rapid firing Plasma guns and bolters took care of another 6man unit and things were looking good. During Trn3 the remainder of his troops landed and took revenge, the Rhino that was speeding towards an objective was wrecked forcing the troops out. Troops squads were targetted by other units and killed in CC or shooting, suddenly I was left with only 1 troop choice and it was being charged by his Librarian. For the 2nd and last time in the day the dice were kind to me and on his charge the librarian killed none of my marines, but were were unable to kill him either. In my turn bikes zoomed off to contest an objective and remarkably the marines killed the Librarian in combat. The end results was one objective each, a draw.

Results - Draw

Game 2 - Capture and Control / Pitched Battle  vs. Blood Angels (again)
There were some terminators, there was Mephisto, I got tabled. Mephisto in my mind is waaay to broken at 1000pts.  Str6 T6 W5, 3 Psychic Powers: Move like jump pack, Str10, Reroll all to hits in CC. He basically jumped around the board killing everything. I didn't enjoy the game cos it was fairly obvious I couldn't kill Mephisto.

Result - Tabled

Game 3 - Cleanse (4th Ed Mission)  vs. Blood Angels (again again)
blah blah blah, Mephisto, only wasn't tabled because i scattered to the four corners of the board

Result - Loss

Game 4 - Annhilation / Spearhead  vs. Imperial Guard
 I'd lost this game before I'd deployed. I'd become so depressed at the endless thumpings from Blood Angels I wasn't in the mood for 40k. As it was i don't think I'd have won if I'd been trying either, my opponent took full advantage of the range gap that can be achieved with Spearhead and most of my army was killed as it foot slogged across the board.

Result - Loss

I finished 40 out of 43 players and I'm not happy with the Iron Warriors. What I might try doing is building the Iron Warriors using the Imperial Marine Codex. It will give me access to some nice toys and if i use Chaos variants on most models or add Chaos icons to things like Landspeeders I should be able to make them still look Chaotic.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The blog is going though a bit of a rename and reformat. Since it wasn't really about the Lizardmen that much anymore I thought I'd rename it. So in honour of my usual tournament positions i give you

Mid-Table Obscurity