Friday, 23 September 2011

Northern Warlord GT Day 2

Game 4 - Andrew Frost (Grey Knights)
Grey Knight, the new kids on the block, the current top dogs, I was a little worried about facing these. It wasn't a typical GK army, two big squads of power armour knights, a couple of dreadnoughts, a Dreadknight and some Terminators along with a Librarian and Chapter Master. It became apparent fairly quickly that Andrew was struggling with the Landraiders, Psycannons, Psybolt Auto Cannons and Psybolt Assualt Cannons struggle to destroy AV14 Landraiders. His Dreadknight shunted accross the board and Abaddon was dispatched from his Landraider to slay the foul machine, which he did in a single round of combat. However he was then ambushed by some deep striking Terminators, the Librarian of which cast a psychic power meaning Abaddon took an Initiative test or died, Int 6 how hard could this be ........... DEAD! However deep striking Terminators leave themselves in a lovely formation for Plasma Cannons and so it was that 2 Obliterators extracted a heavy revenge on them. In the end I won primary and secondary with a fairly heathy VP difference too. 

End result 17 - 3 win to me.

Game 5 - Paul Bona (Deathwing) 
Terminators! Thousands of them, well at least 30. This was a foot slogging all Terminator army, which actually didn't fill me with that much worry. I had plenty of Lascannons and Plasmaguns to go around and without the aid of a Landraider or two they were going to have to get to my firebase the hard way. Coupled with the fact that I had now learnt that Daemonically possessed Landraiders have very little to fear from Str8, non melta, weapons. For his Terminators to do the damage they realistically needed to cross the board to get into Powerfist range, this would lead them to be vunerable to my PlasmaGuns and Abaddon (assuming the night's sleep had broken him of his tendencies to kill himself). I won the roll for first turn and as expected one of his 5 man terminators squad vanished in a hail of Las-Cannon and Plasma Cannon shots. The return fire was less than successful, my rhinos had taken up an obscured position behind a ruin in the centre of the table and the cyclone misslile launcher fire bounced harmlessly off Landraiders or Obliterators 2+ saves.To counter his advance one of my Rhinos shot forward to unleash rapid firing plasma death into another squad. His command squad did prove a bit of a thorn, they killed one squad of Plague Marines and even after most of them died to Las cannon fire, Belial prepare to crush another untit when the unexpected happened, a plague marine killed him? Unfortunately I wasn't fast enough to get to his objective marker which was held by the only remaining 5 man terminator squad so the Primary was a draw, but I'd won the secondary and a healthy 1398 / 640 VP difference. Turns out the recipe for success is to not let Abaddon out of his Landraider!

End Result : 14 - 6 to me.

Game 6 - Roy Finch-Spencer (Imperial Guard) 
Roy was playing a mechanised guard army. It didn't feature the full 6 Hydra and 3 Vendetta, but did have 2 Hydra and 2 Vendetta, It also had 2 Griffon siege tanks, which as my opponent went through their stats I realised had to die, quickly! Luckily I won first turn, I was surprised that Roy didn't scout move his vendetta as this meant they wouldn't benefit from a 4+ cover save in my first round of firing. There was very little movement from my forces other than a unit of plague marines embarking into the other Landraider. This now meant that both my Landraiders were scoring. The firing phase was all about destroying some of those tanks that would rip through my army. As the lascannons flared one Griffon exploded in a ball of fire, a Vendetta was immobilse and the other one shook so it couldn't move or fire. However one of the Griffons was still operational and this could mean the death of one of my Landraiders. In his turn some of the chimeras moved forward towards the central objective, whilst the melta veterans moved toward the Landraiders . At the start of the fring phase I held my breath as the Griffon fired some sort of metla breach shell at the Landraider, small template 2D6 + 10 penetration, luckily it scatted of the tank. The vendetta also had a go at the Landraider but only managed to shake it, which being possessed it ignored. The hydra tagetted the Obliterators, but their 2+ armour meant they only lost a single wound. As the game proceeded the supierour anti tank weapons of the CSM took their tole. The Vendetta were shot down as too was the remaining Griffon, the melta vets were blown from their Chimera by a LasCannon and then assaulted by Plague marines. By the start of my turn 5 Roy had only a single Lascannon in a platoon that could hurt the Landraiders, the victory would have been a shining example of fire discipline, target priority and superior tactics if it hadn't been for one person ...... guess who ..... Abaddon. Around Turn 3 Abaddon charged from his Landraider to tackle a Lemanruss Plasma tank which had been taking shots at the Obliterators, 9 attacks, automatic hits, 7 Penetrates ........... He could only stun the crew!! To add insult a chierma pulled up next to him, 3 plasma guns open up, 4 wounds .... zero saves..... Abaddon DEAD (again). However Roy's inability to hurt the Landraiders cost him. One of the with Beserkers in was parked on a Primary Objective the second one with Plague Marines in was parked on another. So I won the Primary and drew the Secondary, with a comfortable vp difference too.

Final Score 16 -  4 to me
I finished 11th out of 52 players with 74 points in total. This was the best tournament performance I've had this year. This particular army seems to fair well against the current metas. However I hadn't faced any of the truely heavy weight 40K players so who knows if it would have done as well against them.

Abaddon's performance was very poor, for 275 he only managed to kill a Dreadknight and 2 Landspeeders, died in 4 of the 6 games (and most of them were fairly humiliating deaths; 8 Beserker in CC, His own sword, 4 Plasma gun shots and a single initative test from a psychic power). Don't know yet if I'll drop him or if he was having a REALLY bad weekend. 

For the next tournament in January I'm actually planning on using either Nids or Necros, depending on when the new Necron codex comes out and if I can get an army bought, assembled and painted in time. 

Monday, 19 September 2011

Northern Warlord GT Day 1

This last weekend I took my Chaos Space Marines for what could well be their last tournament before I get a Necron army once they get a new codex. To see the army list I took see my previous post.

The Northern Warlords tournament were using a scoring system which I believe is from ETC. There's a primary objective worth 8pts, secondary worth 4pts and then 8pts based on the VP split. So for example round 1 was kill points primary and Capture and Control secondary. What this does mean is that you've got to keep 2 things in mind while playing a game, whilst some of the missions which used 5 objective markers (3 for one mission and 2 for another) meant my poor 3 troop selections were stretched think I actually really enjoy this style of tournament. It makes for slightly more tactical games where you can't just go with 1 tactic. But onto the overview

Round 1 - Ben Evans (Chaos Space Marines)
It was interesting to face my first ever CSM marine army in a tournament. Ben was using a dual lash with 6 Obliterators. His army was really nicely painted, with some nice free hand painting on the rhinos. There was a certain amount of bad luck on Ben's part for his Daemon Princes as they failed pretty much ever save they were called to make and were both dead before the end of turn 3. Having said that I was having some bad luck too. Abaddon jumped from his Landraider and killed 2 Obliterators, then when he was charged by his Beserkers he rolled a 1 for his daemon weapon and was killed in combat. As the game went on this one slowly slipped away from me. In the end I lost 9 - 7 on kill points and 1 - 0 on the objectives, with small loss in the VP difference.

Overall it was a 3 -17 loss.

Round 2 - Rob Simms (Black Templar)
Rob was previously responsible to tabling me at a previous tournament with a mechanised guard army, so I wasn't filled with confidence for this one. Rob's army also featured a lot of Terminators with 2 cyclone launchers with tank hunters  and Land Speeder Typhoons.  There were a lot of Str 8 and 9 Missile launchers facing me. However I hadn't account for some very odd dice rolling. Rob couldn't make saves on his terminators to save their lives and my Obliterators we on fire! From their first 2 rounds of firing they killed 7 Terminators with 8 shots! combined with the Landraiders holding their ground and joining in with their twin linked Lascannons meant his Terminators were being punished brutally. It was also the my first real experience that Demonically possessed Landraider have very little to fear from Str8 missile launchers, and even Str9 ones need to be lucky. By turn 3 we started rolling forward with the Landraiders to take the fight to his objective. I was surprised that his Land Speeders didn't seem to move off to contest my objectives, rather they stayed still to fire at the on coming armour. In the end we took his Capture and Control objective to win the primary mission and drew the secondary seize ground mission. VPs favoured me heavily as Rob hadn't been able to do much damage to my army other than a squad of Plagues Marines and their Rhino, a pair of Obliterators and some vehicle damage results on Landraiders.

Final score 16 - 4 to me.

Game 3 - Steve O'Neil (Tyranids)
Steve's Nids were a classic mix of Trygons, Tervigons, Tyrant Hive Guard and Gaunt. I was worried for this match up as I didn't think I could stop the Monstorous creatures from getting to my Landraiders and pulling them apart. I got first turn and opened up a salvo of Las Cannon / Plasma Cannon fire into the tyrant guard and hive guard, causing 3 wounds on his tyrant guards. Not the most successful of results. For his turn his battle line rolled forward, most running forward to cover the ground. His hive guard killed 2 of my Obliterators and nothing else. For my turn 2 I played the "Do or Die" card. One Landraider shot forward to launch Abaddon and the Beserkers into a multi charge with a Trygon and 14 guants, whilst a rhino manouvered to drop of my Plasma gun aiming at the other Trygon..... However it was more a die play then a do play. Abaddon once again roll for a 1 in combat and then took 2 more wounds from the Trygon, the Beserkers did wipe out the guants which caused 3 wounds to the Trygon due to fearless damage. For the next 2 turns Steve kept throwing more and more Gaunts into the combat with the Beserkers, who slowly ground through the little buggers, but Abaddon, well at the start of the next combat round he rolled another 1 and died. Other highlights included my Terminators make all three 5+ saves caused by thr Tyrant and then killing him in return. In the end Steve won the primary by literaly 1mm, his Tervigon had been running away from the terminators and had almost run out of range of the objective. The secondary was close but thanks to all the gaunts he'd spawned and the Besrkers had slowly waded through I'd won kill points, and the VPs were pretty fairly matched.

Final Score 8 - 12 a loosing draw.

Day1 ended in a reasonable position  27 points from a possible 60. Mid table obsurity was looking on the cards.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Northern Warlords prep

So I'm only 4 days away from another tournament which may turn out to be the last with my CSM army for a while. The new Necron codex is due later this year and I'm thinking og getting a new Necron army. That combined with potentially sell my car in a few weeks means I'll have the money to buy one. I'll definately return to CSM once they get a new codex, cos Chaos will always be my first love :)

But for the tournament this weekend I'm taking

Abaddon the Despoiler
8 Beserkers with Skull Champion and Power fist
5 Plague Marines in rhino with 2 Plasma guns
5 Plague Marines in rhino with 2 Plasma guns
2 Obliterators
2 Olbiterators
3 Terminators with Combi meltas
Landraider with Daemonic possession
Landraider with Daemonic possession

Little worried its a very small army, almost half the army is Abaddon and the 2 landraiders but we'll see how it goes. Some form of write up to follow post weekend I suspect.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Yorkshire Store Tournament - Part 2

Game 2 - Capture and Control / Spearhead vs Dark Eldar

Not had a lot of experience fighting Dark Eldar so a lot of this was going to be new to me. After I'd won the roll to choice, my opponent, Anthony, let me know he had a special character which allowed him to seize on a 4+. I foolishly let him go first rather than setting up and then having it seize. With hindsight this was a massive mistake! I should have gambled on the first turn as 50% of the time I would be no worse off the if he seized. 
After he'd deployed a number of raiders and ravegers behind cover I deployed two units of obliterators, both Daemon Princes and the Landraider in a tight formation on the only real terrain piece in my quarter, opting to keep the remainder of my force in reserve. Turn one and the majority of his force move flat out along his board edge to get into a better strike position. The two ravagers moved out from behind cover and sighted up on the Landraider and Obliterators, so to did the Razorwing, firing all 4 of it's necrotoxin missiles. Luckily for me his firing was very ineffective and nothing died. For my turn one I sighted the obliterators on the ravagers fearing that their AP2 Str 8 could rip through the Obliterators. So both units fired their lascannons at the two Ravagers. Blowing up one and immobilising and shaking the other.

Turn two started with two venoms coming onto the board, i was rapidly noticing that my opponent was largely ignoring his own objective in favour at throwing everything at mine. I realised the Dark Eldar were fast and could get people back to their objective quickly, but it was a possible opening. One of the raiders shot forward and disgorged a unit of wyches in front of my ruined hideout ready to charge the Obliterators. The rest of his firing proved once again to be less than effective, combinations of 2+ armour and 4+ cover saves meant for all the fire from raiders and razorwings only a single wound was place on the Obliterators and the Landraider became immobilized, given it was already facing the majority of his army not a huge issue. His assault phase was also equally poor, with the wyches only causing a single wound on the squad of Obliterators, whilst loosing two of their own to my power fist attacks, still they stayed in the fight tying up the unit. In my turn two a unit of Plague Marines was all that appeared. Coming on the far left hand of the board they headed for my opponents unguarded objective, disembarking into a wood to take some shots at the razorwing. My free Obliterators destroyed the immobilized Ravager, whilst the Landraider shotdown the raider that had dropped off the Wyches. The plague marines could only manage the shake the razorwing, but that meant it's firepower wasn't going to be an issue for another turn. The combat between Obliterators and Wyches was going nowhere fast, with both side only causing a single wound.

Turn three and his last venom came onto the board, and in a move that suprised me, didn't head toward his objective, instead joining in the assault on my defended position. The remaining raiders fired forward dropping Asdrubael Vect and a unit of Grotesques off to assult one Daemon Prince and another unit of wyches to assult the second Prince and Obliterators. Most of his vehicles were either stunned or moving too fast to fire this turn, the Venoms opened up with mass splinter fire, but only managed to cause a single wound on the Obliterators. His assults phase was a different matter. Vect and the Grotesques charged the Daemon Prince causing 3 wounds on him, in return I inflicted two wounds on the Grotesques. The Wyches fair little better against each Obliterators pack the in previous rounds, but this time they had a Daemon Prince to deal with, however their 4+ save in CC negated most of the damage and both fight with wyches dragged on, it became apparent that the wyches were there only to hold people up for Vect to deal with. In my turn three the remainder of my army arrived. The second unit of Plague Marines drove onto my objective and stayed in their rhino, their aim to at least contest it for as long as possbile. The Terminators went after the Razorwing which was threatening to attack my other Plague Marines which were heading for his objective, but scattered into his reavers and died. The 3rd unit of Obliterators landed near the Plague Marines to support their assult. My firing phase was pretty uneventful with not serious damage being done, but the assualt phase was going badly. Vect killed off the Daemon Prince and consolodated towards the second Prince, The lone surviving Obliterator at the front of the ruin was finally dragged down by the wyches, well wych as there was only one left by now, but it was rapdily becoming apparent I was loosing control of my own objective.

Turn four and the Reavers did a fly by attack on the Obliterators killing one, the Razorwing then shot up and killed a second. The venoms peppered the small five man marine squad that had wandered on last turn killing 2 of them. In the assult phase Vect slew a second Daemon Prince and the Grotesques finished off the Obliterators. All I had left around my own objective was the Plague Marines still in their rhino. For my turn four the second unit of Plague Marines put the pedal to the metal and drove their rhino into the forest containing his objective. My other unit popped it's plasma guns out of the top hatch and fired on one of the wyches units trying to remove his scoring units, but it was largely a waiting game now.

Turn five and it was make or break for me. A venom sped into the forest to drop off it's warrior cargo, but rolled a 1 and exploded killing two of the five men inside. The Razorwing also flew into the forest but faired better with the trees. Vect and his Grotesques advanced on the rhino parked on my objective. In the firing phase the Reavers repeated the flyby attack on the lone Obliterator, killing him. The Razorwing only managed to blow the combi-bolter from the rhino and luckly the one lance shot he had on the rhino on my objective missed. This forced Vect to assault the rhino which he did destroying it, but none of the marines inside were injured. For my turn five it was a daring ploy. On his objective the Plague Marines disembarked the Rhino, which then tank shocked the warriors in the venom wreck. They failed their leadership roll and fled from the table. Unfortunately the Plasma guns of the Plague Marines could bring down the Razorwing and so the objective remained contested. As too did my own objective with Vect and the Plague Marines both being within three inches....... and with a roll of a two, thats how the game ended.

Result - Draw

After thoughts: This was a tough fight, I was lucky the game ended on turn five as I doubt I could have held on for another turn let alone two. I was unlucky not to kill the Razorwing with 2 turns of Plasmagun firing and this could have meant a win for me. Vect is one hard S.o.B. I think with hindsight I should have leapt one of the two Daemon Princes out of the ruin so I could use his Lash to move people around in later stages of the game, or even against an all mech army kept one or both in reserve so they arrive once the Obliterators have had time to open up a few transports. Still this was the best of the games on the day with a seriously hard fought draw being a good reflection of the effort put in by both sides.

Yorkshire Store Tournament - Part 1

So on Friday 2nd of September I took part in the Yorkshire Store Tournament at Warhammer World. Twenty games of 40k and about 10 of Warhammer doubles to battle over the coveted store trophy held by the Leeds store for 3 years running now. The army I took was;
     Daemon Prince, Wings, Mark of Slaanesh, Lash of Submission - 155pts
     Daemon Prince, Wings, Mark of Slaanesh, Lash of Submission - 155pts
     3 x Obliterators - 225pts
     3 x Obliterators - 225pts
     3 x Obliterators - 225pts
     3 x Chaos Terminators, 3 Combi meltas - 105pts
       Dedicated Landraider, Daemonic Possession, Dozer Blade - 245pts
     5 x Plague Marines, 2 Plasma guns, Rhino with Extra Armour - 195pts
     5 x Plague Marines, 2 Plasma guns, Rhino with Extra Armour - 195pts
     5 Chaos Space Marines - 75pts

Game 1 - Annihilation / Dawn of War vs Ultramarines.

Nathan, my opponent in the first game, was relatively new to tournaments and had brought a balanced Ultramarine army. Unfortunately for him this didn't include a Librarian. He won the roll off and chose to deploy first, weirdly not deploying anything, so of course I returned the favour. At the start of turn 1 his army rolled on, two Landraiders (one a crusader) moved rapidly down the board. A dreadnough dropped down in a pod, but had no one to target so found himself alone in the middle of the board. With nothing to shoot at it moved to me. My entire army except the Terminators moved onto the board edge. The firing phase was largely uneventful. We blew the Multimelta off the Dreadnought with a unit of Obliterators, but other than that most of his Units couldn't be seen.

Turn two and the Landraiders continues their drive down the board. The Las Cannon shot from his Landraider bounced off my Landraider and the missile launcher couldn't hit the Obliterators., so it was a largely uneventful turn two for him. My turn two was a little more destructive. The Terminators deepstrike onto the board and although they scatter still land near enough to the Landraider Crusader to pop it with their Combi-Meltas. The tactical squad and captain that stagger out of the smoking crater quickly find themselves being lash'ed into a tight bunch in the middle of open ground, queue the Plasma cannons. Six shots later and only a wounded Captain remains, who is then killed by plasma gun fire from the Plague marines. On the other side of the board the poor dreadnought is immobilized by more Las-cannon fire.

In Turn three Nathan's reserves arrive, two units of terminators armed with a cyclone missile launcher each. They use the homing beacon on the drop pop to land safely on the right side of the board. The captain prepares to charge my Terminators, unfortunately due to my shocking triple one armour saves they die to bolter fire from the tactical squad before he gets chance. His terminators unload into a unit of plague marines that had been sneaking up the far right side of the board to attach the tactical squad at the back, but only manages to kill two of the five. On the other side of the board, the Landraider drive forward and unloads another tactical squad infront of my Obliterators, then it's machine spirit fires a lascannon and blow up a rhino belonging to the 2nd unit of plague marines. The bolt pistol fire into the Obliterators is largely ineffective, but the charge from the unit and subsequent combat round kills one of the chaos weapon masters due to yet more shocking 2+ armour saves. However the Obliterators stay in the fight. Turn three was going to be critical for me, with all his forces committed I had to deal with them before they started taking a tole on my army. One of my Daemon princes flew close to the combat to lend his support to the Obliterators. The landraider shakes it's counterpart again with a glancing shot and the plague marines fire more shots at the dreadnough with little affect. On the other side of the board it's a different story. His terminators, already bunched up through deepstriking and very closer to each other too faced the plasma cannons of 6 Obliterators, of the two 5 man teams only the captain of one surived the onslaught and to add insult to the attack the Daemon prince successfully whipped him away from the army. In close combat the Daemon Prince make quick work of 4 of the tactical squad and the marines with the Obliterators finishing them off.

Turn four and the marines were in a bad way, the Landraider fired a single lascannon at my Landraider but bounced off, the Terminator Captain advance back towards the battle lines. The tactical squad at the back of the board opened up on the Plague Marines killing the three bolter armed marines, but with a rapidly diminishing army there was very little the loyalist could do to stop the chaos onslaught. For my turn four the lone obliterator moved up to the Landraider and put a meltagun shot straight through it's engine block, ironically the resulting explosion wounded him didn't kill him. My Landraider finally put the weaponless immolise dreadnought out of it's misery. On the other half of the board the Daemon Prince lashed the last remaining tacitcal squad into a tight group ready for the Plasma cannons which then vapourised the whole squad. The Terminator captain was shot by the plasmaguns of the Plague Marines.

At the start of turn 5, with only his drop pod alive, my opponent bowed out. It had been a fairly brutal affair which was fairly one sided, but Nathan took the experience well and we even had time to chat after about how marines normally operate in tournaments. Overall it was a good game, both from a result point of view and my opponent.

Results - WIN

Games two and three to follow .........