Friday, 17 February 2012

Vapnatak 2012

So another week, another tournament. This one was a one day event at Vapnatak, York Wargames Society's annual event, and previously my worst performance of 2011. I say it was my worst performance, it was mostly Mephisto's fault, he battered me repeatedly last year so I only got 1 draw and 3 losses. I was determined to do better this time.
The tournament was 1000pts, which can be a challange for Tyranids as we can't swarm and still have the heavy hitters. So I decided to try two tervigons. My force was

HQ1: Tervigon, Scything Talons, Catalyst
ELITE1: 3 Hivegaurd
TROOP1: Tervigon, Scything Talons, Catalyst
TROOP2: 10 Termagaunts
TROOP3: 12 Genestealer with Toxin Sacs
TROOP3: 12 Genestealer with Toxin Sacs

In theory it should be able to produce the screen of expendable troops to cover the genestealer's advance, however in a practise match the pair of tervigons produced a grand total of 10 gaunts BETWEEN THEM!! before both running out on the first turn. Not Good.

Game 1 - 4 Objectives / Spearhead  vs Neil Kerr (Vanilla Marine Bikers)
Neil's army was fast! It had 3 squadrons of bikes, with a melta gun, attack bike with multi melta, 2 Speeders and a captain on a bike. With a table quarter deployment and 2 infiltrating genestealer packs I hoped to quickly corral them into their own quarter and close in from all sides. Which I did manage with some success. Neil kept most of his bikes in a tight group attempting to minimise my numerical advantage, however the biggest advantage I had all game was Neil's dice rolls. I think all game he only hit and wounded once with all his melta guns, which meant he struggled to kill the Tervigons. In the end we managed to mostly surround and bring down his bikes, the moment his land speeders ventured into range to use their flamers on some of the densely packed gaunt squads the hive guard turned on them, shooting them out of the sky. In the end only 2 lone bikers survived, his HQ and one remaining bike from one squad. Unfortunately they were enough to deny me 3 tournament points.

Result: WIN

Game 2 - Kill Points / Dawn of War vs James Hopkins (Imperial Guard)
On paper this wasn't a nice match up. James' army was all mech, couple of units of veteran in chimeras, 2 leman russ demolishers and 2 vendettas. Coupled with the Dawn of war deployment meaning the majoirty of my army would have to cross the whole board, it wasn't looking good. James deployed a single Chimera and veteran squad in a corner, near the Tervigons I'd deployed. I then infiltrated genestealer and luckily managed to get them 12" away due to a nice LOS blocking piece of terrain. In my first turn the Tervigon cracked open the Chimera with a side armour shot, and the stealers pounced, wiping the poor squad out. I was 2 - 0 up on kill points, if only it ended there. James' army rolled on the opposite side of the board making maximum use of his range advantage and opened fire. Luckily the combination of feel no pain and cover minimised my casualties. At the start of the 2nd turn my 2nd pack of stealer arrived from out flanking and appeared on the opposite flank to the bulk of my force, where the Imperial guard were stationed. They spread out to multi-charge both Vendetta and advanced onto the board ....... the fluffed a difficult terrain test and end up in the open out of assault ...oops. As expected all guns turned on them and wiped them out. With an almost 36" gap now forming flank to flank between forces the Tyranids opted to go for a draw, I retreated to the short board edge trying to take maximum advantage of cover and FnP. One Tervigon was shot down by Las Cannnons, but the other managed to find a patch of dense area terrain it could hide in obscuring more than 50% of his model. At which point the whole army pretty much went to ground as the Guard shot at them. It wasn't pretty , but it was the only way I could salvage some points from the match. In the end James only managed to kill the Stealers and Tervigon so it ended 2 - 2 on kill points.

Result: DRAW

Game 3 - Capture and Control / Pitched Battle vs  Paul Turner (Imperial Guard)
Another Guard army, but luckily less mech and more manpower. With a couple of large guard squads, a vendetta and valkyrie. With a large wood near the centre of the board covering my advance to the objective I was relatively happy I'd make it to his objective and it was true, however when my genestealers rolled into the 30man strong blob the commissar in the group kept them fighting. The guard threw more and more man power into the fight tying up the stealers inches away from the objective but not in a position to contest or capture it.It was a really close game which in the end came down to the inability for my hive guard to pop the vendetta that shot across the board to contest my objective, whilst the stealers only managed to free themselves from the tar pit of combat in time to dash forward and contest his objective, not kill the 5 man platoon command squad holding it. A really enjoyable game in the end.

Result: DRAW

Game 4 - Kill Points / Spearhead vs.  Brad Zalad (Space Wolves)
It wasn't pretty, a horrid match up at the best of times, with most of my armies power coming from the Tervigons it made it worse. Turn 1 and Jaws of the Wolf claimed one tervigon, the following turn he claimed the 2nd. As they died they took with them most of the gaunts. The genestealers managed to kill one pack of grey hunters before going down to mass firepower, whilst the Hive guard took out a couple of rhinos, but by the 3 turn I'd been tabled. Not a nice game, but without a bigger horde of stealers I was always going to struggle against a Space Wolf army.

Result: Loss

Overall it was an average performance, I finished 13th of 23 players (the snow was one cause of the lower turnout from the previous year) which was a considerable improvement on the previous years result. I think the army selection wasn't brilliant. With hindsight I'd drop a tervigon and gaunts in favour of the Doom in a pod and probably more stealers. Still was pleased with the result.