Wednesday, 27 June 2012

40K Doubles weekend

So the weekend after next I'm at a doubles tournament at Warhammer World. It gonna be a weird one since its the same weekend that 6th Edition is released. This could mean that most people are less interested in playing their games and more into looking at the new shiny rulebook. Still it should be an interesting weekend. I've partnered with Bennett from Damn Dice with hopefully a nasty combo of Space Wolves and Black Templars.

For my half I'm using
Emperor's Champion
5 Terminators (2 Cyclone, Chainfist)
5 Terminators (2 Cyclone, Chainfist)
5 Marines with melta gun
Land Speeder Typhoon with Multi-melta

It's a very shooty heavy army which will hopefully work well with Bennett's very close combat army.

After the Doubles with our own club tournament Summer Solstice at the end of July. It's 2000pts, 5 games over  two days. Myself and Bennett are helping run and organise this one with the hope of making it into a bigger tournament next year. Once they are out of the way it's all  about learning 6th Edition in preperation for Team Garrison's debute at Maelstrom's team tournment in September.

I'll try to do a more detailed write up of the weekend once I'm back.