Saturday, 21 July 2012

My initial 6th edition army .... pending next week's white dwarf

I've two 6th edition tournaments coming up at the end of September, the Northern Warlords and the Team tournament at Maelstrom. For the moment I'm going with Black Templar, unless next week's White Dwarf reveals a re-codex of the Chaos Space Marines. If my beloved Chaos Space Marines do receive a refresh I'll look to move to them, CSM were always my first love and I'd love to be able to bring back the boys from the Eye if they turn out to be competitive. Anyway, until I know differently it's Black Templars, I'm sure I could get my Space Wolves to work, but since Bennett will be using them in the team tournament, I figure i should use BT in both tournaments. My initial thoughts are;-

HQ1: Emperor's Champion (90), Abhor the Witch (20)  - 110pts
HQ2: Marshal (80),  Terminator Armour (25),Adamantine Mantle (35), Chainfist (30), Stormshield (15), Tank Hunter (3) - 188pts
HQ3: Sword Brethren Terminator Command Squad, 5 Terminators (200), 2 Cyclone Missile Launchers (50) Tank Hunter(15) - 265pts
HQ4: Reclusiarch (95), Terminator Armour (25), Storm Shield (15), 2 Cenobyte Servitors (20) - 155pts
Elite1: Sword Brethren Terminator Squad, 5 Terminators (200), 2 Assault Cannons (40), Tank Hunters (15) - 255pts
Elite2: Sword Brethren Terminator Squad, 5 Terminators (200), 2 Assault Cannons (40), Tank Hunters (15) - 255pts
Elite3:  Sword Brethren Terminator Assault Squad, 8 Terminators (320) - 320pts
Troop1: Crusader Squad, 5 Initiates (80), Plasma Gun (6) - 86pts
Troop2: Crusader Squad, 5 Initiates (80), Plasma Gun (6) - 86pts
Troop3: Crusader Squad, 5 Initiates (80), Plasma Gun (6) - 86pts

TOTAL 1806   (I've still got a few points to play with)

Now Skcuzzlebumm has gone into a lot of details of the benefits of Assault Cannons in 6th edition, especially when combined with Tank Hunter for AP re-rolls, you can find his blog entry here. I've opted to keep one unit of Cyclones for a little longer range sniping. Krak missiles (even if they're only Str8 for us now) are still good for taking out or slowing down AV10 - 12 vehicles, and will quickly remove all the hull points when 4 are fired at the same time.

I'm trying a couple of new things for this list, the Reclusiarch joins the Assault Terminators along with the Emperor's Champion, by placing the Reclusiarch out front he can use his Shield or Terminator saves on incoming shots, the first he fails will be look out sir'ed onto a servitor, which also has the added advantage of allowing the squad to move forward D6", rerollable due to the seals carried by the Champion. I'm hoping this combined with the free move before turn 1 (assuming the enemy has a Psyker) will negate the footslogging of this furious close combat unit. Plus assuming we charge, we get to reroll hits (the closest we'll get to preferred enemy now *sad face*).

I'm a little concerned with only having three small scoring units, there's a lot of emphasis on scoring units in the 6th edition missions, so I'll have to be careful to protect them during the game.

So people thoughts? comments? improvements? I've only played one game of 6th edition so far so I'm happy to receive comments from people who've played more.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Which army to use

So 6th edition is here and the world has changed. Flyers are here, vehicles have been nerfed and close combat has changed. What I need to do is pick which of armies I'll start to use first.

Chaos Space Marine (World Eaters):- sadly 6th did little to lift my favourite army from its current funk. Beserkers got worse with the loss of their +1 I on the charge. There may still be a viable Plague Marine army out there as the jury is still out if FNP was buffed or nerfed, but I'd rather not swap to them so I'm thinking I'll wait for a new codex before dusting these off. Hopefully not to long a wait.

Tyranids:- the hive mind also took a kicking, with null deployment now impossible and Geneatealers unable to assault from out flank, it's not good to be a mid. They also have no means to take out flyers. No skyfire guns and they can't crew emplacements so they always fire at the closest target and not the flyer. I think I'll leave them for a while to see where the meta is going with flyers.

So this leaves my more recent armies of Black Templars and Space Wolves. The Wolves had some changes, their Razorbacks are more brittle and you can't charge from rhinos as easily, but I'm liking Wolf Guard armed with a cyclone being able to snipe their choice of target on natural 6, and mass long fangs may still be the answer to flyers, especially if they do get the new flak missiles. Black Templars cows may have been nerfed slightly, but adding in a priest for your third HQ would over come the lack of preferred enemy as well as a couple of wounds to help drive them forward, meaning they may not need the land raider.
I've got two tournaments at the end of September which are my first under 6th edition so I've got make the call by then.

Monday, 2 July 2012

40K Doubles Tournament

So this weekend was my penultimate 5th Edition tournament and also my first ever doubles tournament. Taking place at Warahmmer World there were 106 teams taking place, so over 200 players joining in. The rules were a 1750pts army split into two equal forces. Each force must have 1 HQ and 1 Troop choice. The missions were mostly non standard, and there were also secret secondary missions which were randomly choosen from three cards the player had selected from a pool of around 16. We mostly tended to have either Destroy all the enemy tanks, Hold a strongpoint terrian peice or move out of the deployment zone. As previously mentioned my Black Templar force consisted of ;-
  • Emperor's Champion
  • 5 Terminators (2 Cyclone, Chainfist) with Tank Hunter veteran skill
  • 5 Terminators (2 Cyclone, Chainfist) with Tank Hunter veteran skill
  • 5 Marines with melta gun
  • Land Speeder Typhoon with Multi-melta
My partner in crime, Bennett from Damn Dice Blog was using Space Wolves, we'd realised only recently that he couldn't take his usual Rune Priest as I couldn't ally with a psyker. So he was trying out ;-
  • Wolf Priest
  • 8 Grey Hunters (Mark of Wolfen, Standard & Melta Gun) in Rhino
  • 9 Grey Hunters (Mark of Wolfen, Standard & Melta Gun) in Rhino
  • 3 Wolf Guard (2 with Powerfist / Combi Melta, 1 in Terminator armour)
  • 3 Thunderwolves (All with Storm shields, 1 Thunder hammer, 1 set of Melta Bombs)
 The basic theory was I'd open up any transports the enemy was driving around in and soften up the harder targets before the Wolves hit them.

Game 1 vs. Baal's Pride

 Baal's Pride was made up of two Spanish gamers both playing Blood Angels. Their english was good but obviously not their first language, still I don't think we ever had any comminucation problems with them. It was a fairly aggressive and large army featuring 30 Assault Marines, 20 Tactical Marines and 10 Devastators. Throw in a drop pod, rhino, a couple of priest and a librarian and Resclusiarch and that's their list. It was an objectives game (a lot of them were). The game progress pretty much as we'd expected, the Assault Marines were kept in reserve to Deepstrike down along with the Tactical squad in drop pod. The Devastators set up in a clump of trees and dug in.
We deployed mostly on the board, keeping one unit of terminators in reserve, mainly to complete a secret mission we'd drawn to deepstrike a unit in and have it survive to the end of the game. Turn 1 the drop pod dropped very agressively behind the whole space wolf army, but it's firing against my 5 man deckchair holding the objective only killed 3 of the 5 and the following turn they were shot up and eaten by wolves.
Their assault marines didn't fair much better. Turns out a fully tooled up Grey Hunter pack can chew up a 10man assault team in close combat. Plus five terminators with powerfists and preferred enemy make a rather nasty mess of assult marines too. Now Baal's Pride did have some rather bad luck. One unit of Assault marines were called to make 12 saves for 10 models and only lost 2 of them, sadly one was the powerfist. Similarly when another squad jumped from cover they lost 2 men, one was their powerfirst too. In the end it was a fairly convincing beat down, by the start of their 5th turn they only had 1 mam left on the board (a missile Launcher armed devestator) who was staring down the business end of 3 Cyclone Launchers, so they conceded.

Game 1 : WIN (with 1 point of secondary mission for keeping the deepstrike unit alive)

Game 2 vs. Montage

Montage were Ben and Simon, using Space Wolves and Salamanders. Vulkan was present and so too were a lot of melta weapons. There was a thunderfire cannon, two packs of Longfangs (with Plasma and Lascannons) and a lot of Grey Hunters and tactical marines. Vulkan was walking around with a pack of veteran all armed with combi meltas (obviously).
This game wasn't our tactical finest. We deepstruck the Terminators in, but hadn't realised that one of the two Rune Priest had Tempest Wrath, so we were forced to land them on the opposite side of the board. The Thunderwolves were also held in reserve and when they entered on an extreme flank spent most of the game trying to get into the action. Several bad run moves and poor move through cover meant they only got into close combat in turn 6. Mind you the wolves did have their successes. A pack of Grey Hunters in a rhino charged accross the board, took on an exact mirror unit and wiped them out, they then over the course of the battle destroyed a unit of Long Fangs and badly mauled another before finally being killed. For me the biggest shock was Vulkan in CC. Now my roles may have not been great, but he single handedly destroyed both my units of terminators. Montage had their their low points, My Terminators shot and killed 4 of the 10 Ggrey Hunters on their objective, and they promptly failed their morale test, luckily they only rolled 4" for the move as they were only 6" away from their table edge. That bit of luck on the run distance probably cost us any chance of a win. In the end we lost the game because with a 4+ need on a run move to get a unit of Grey Hunters back onto the objective we only rolled a 3 :( It was a poor game from us and there were a couple of questionable rules calls that I just couldn't be bothered to argue with their interptitations (Plasma cannons place their template over 36" away but still being able to fire in case they scattered back into range for example). But in the end I think they won due to some poor deployment options by us (we shouldn't have reserved the Terminators so we had their firepower from the start) and some poor dice rolling.

Game 2 : Loss (We scored 1 point for secret objectives, but later in the day realised it should have been 2 as it was a scoring unit we had on our strong point, DOH)

Game 3 vs. Titanic Fenrisians

 This was Alex and Matt using Space Wolves and Grey Knights. Alex (i think) writes on From The Fang and was also chatting to us about their up coming Blog Wars 4 which I am tempted to go to. This army was REALLY shooty, the Grey Knights had basically taken all the really cheap (and slight point broken) units from their codex so there were 3 Dakka Dreads and two henchmen units in psybolt razorbacks. Add to this a unit of 5 Long Fangs and two Rune priests with Jaws and you'll see where this game is going. We were basically shot off the board. The Space Wolves never really made it into combat. The Thunderwolves were taken apart by Jaws and massive amounts of Dreadnought fire, My Terminators were similarly Jaws to death.
It was a sad reminder that in 5th Psychic powers are very broken, if you don't have a form of psychic defense you're basically screwed against some armies. The Rune Priests were also able to snipe out the Cyclone Launchers from my units, something I disagree with.
There were still a couple of interesting moments. One for example when a lone Terminator Cyclone was running amok in the carpark of Rhinos and Razor backs pull them apart with Missiles and Powerfists, lacking much AP2 firepower they just unloaded on him with lots of shots. Over 2 firing turns he made twenty seven 2+ armour saves, before finally being taken out by charging Grey Knights and their power weapons. This was a pretty poor way to end a day as I dislike games where all I seem to be doing is shovelling models off the board with little or no return. I can't remember how much they lost but it wasn't much and it was a very one sided game.

Game 3 : Loss (No Secret mission points)

 Game 4 vs F.o.B.

Brian and Simon made up FoB and were using a Space Wolf and Sisters of Battle combination. Two Exorcists tanks, Saint Celestine and a large pack of Seraphim along with a number of wolf guard with combi plamsa and melta and Arjac. There were also a couple of Grey Hunter packs and a drop pod. FoB won the roll to go first, and fearing the firepower of those Exorcists we opted to go into full reserve (a trick no longer possible under 6th edition). What this meant was that Arjac landed in his drop pod without knowing where we going to arrive, given most of their army was heading up our right flank we rolled on heavy to the left. The Cyclones starting picking off the Exorcists in quick turn. The combi armed Wolf Guard followed fairly quickly before our Space Wolves crashed into their battle lines. The Seraphim were no match for the Wolves of Fenris but Arjac proved a little more tricky. He managed to finish off the Thunderwolves. However while he was surviving the same couldn't be said for the rest of the army. The Emporer's Champion, two Terminator Sword Brethren and a wolf Guard finished off the Saint and she didn't get the chance to recover. It was actually a really close battle, the objective was table quarter control and the only reason we managed a win was because the Champion managed to consolidate into a quarter FoB were controlling.

Game 4 : Win ( No Secret mission points)

Game 5 vs Baal's Pride

This rematch against our round 1 opponents will go down in history as one of the funniest games I've ever played of 40K. David and Jonata won first turn and spread out accross the board. Noticably two packs of their assault marines were on the far left flank. So we deployed tightly on the right. The centre of the board was largely empty of terrian and so it was that both armies kept tight in their deployment zones. The Terminator Cyclones exchanging shots with Devastators. Amoungst the numberous comedy moments where the Terminators backing away when they suddenly realised a multi-melta had taken up position in a wood just in range, much to the jeers of our opponents only to have in the following turn one of their assault squads turn tale and run when they tried to cross the open ground only to have 8 Krak missiles slam into them. Then there was the trees of Iron this pair of trees deflected more Krak missiles aimed at one of our Rhino than I've seen, it must have numbered into the double digits the number of cover saves these plucky little trees saved us from. Much to the amusement of all. By the final turn it ended in a draw, a fitting result for a game which was very odd from start to finish.

Game 5 : Draw (2 Secret mission point)

In the end we finished 67th from 106, not a great result but not a bad one either. The weekend had been fun which is the main aim of any tournament.

My final 5th Edition tournament is Summer Solstice in three weeks time, then I just need to work out which of my armies I'm going to start my 6th edition campaigns with.

So I'll end with a lovely picture of the MVP of game 5, I give you Bob and Dugg the Iron Trees of Warhammer World.