Tuesday, 25 September 2012

*cough* Northern Warlords *cough* ... and the Team Tournament.

Northern Warlord's GT ........ lets never mention that performance again. Suffice to say I did very poorly and a combination of lack of sleep and having been ill on Friday cause a mini melt down in Game 3 when my opponent kept rolling well and I kept rolling badly. However not wanting to take anything away from the tournament itself, my opponents were all nice (even poor Andrew in the face of melt down). Day 2 was more fun after 12 hours sleep, still lost most of the games but enjoyed it a lot more. Totally failed to achieve even mid-table obscurity with 4 losses, 1 draw and a win to finish 48th out of 52.... sad times.

Next weekend is the team tournament and Team Garrison are travelling down to Mansfield for the first time. I wouldn't class us as a WAAC team, hell we've brought Bennett ;) (just kidding mate, you've won more games of 6th than I have). Now that the list submissions are in I can reveal our deadly combination of skills, we've got Sleepy, Sneezy, Bashful and Doc .... no wait that's the Dwarfs. The army lists were taking are;-

Name: Peter Sidaway
Army: Space Marines / Blood Angels

HQ1 – Space Marine Chaplain, Jump Pack  115pts
Troop1 – 10 Tactical Marines, Missile Launcher, Plasmagun,  Combimelta, Meltabomb    195pts
Troop2 - 10 Tactical Marines, Missile Launcher, Plasmagun, Combimelta, Meltabomb, TRANSPORT1    195pts
Troop3 – 10 Tactical Marines, Multimelta, Meltagun, Combimelta, Meltabomb, TRANSPORT2     190pts
Troop4 – 5 Space Marine Scouts, Sergeant Telion, 4 x Sniper Rifles, 4 x Camo Cloaks       137pts
Elite1 – 5 Space Marine Assault Terminators, Thunderhammer & Stormshield     200pts
Heavy1 – 8 Devastator Marines, 2 Las Cannons, 2 Missile Launchers   238pts
Fortification - Aegis Defense Line with Las Cannon               85pts
Transport1 - Drop Pod             35pts
Transport2 - Drop Pod             35pts

Blood Angel Allies
HQ1 – Blood Angel Librarian, Force Weapon (Sword), Blood Lance, Fear of Darkness     100pts
Troops1  – 10 Assault Space Marines, 2 Meltaguns, Power  Fist      235pts
Elite1 – Sanguinary Priest, Jump Pack, Power Sword   90pts

TOTAL  1850pts


Name: Dan Sackett
Army Dark Eldar / Eldar

HQ1 - Baron Sathonyx             105pts
HQ2 – Haemonculus 50pts
Troops1 - 20x Hellions, Helliarch, Stun Claw                   335pts
Troops2 - 3x Wracks                     30pts
Fast Attack1 - 9x Reaver Jet Bikes, Arena Champion, 3x Caltrops, 3x Heat Lances     304pts
Fast Attack2 - 9x Reaver Jet Bikes, 3x Caltrops, 3x Heat Lances            294pts
Fortifications: Aegis Defense Line, Quadgun               100pts


HQ1 - Farseer, Singing Spear, Doom, Runes of Warding, Jet Bike        128pts
Troops1 - 5x Pathfinders      120pts
Fast Attack1 - Nightwing (Imperial Armour Aeronautica)   145pts
Heavy Support - Phoenix Bomber, Nightfire Missile Launchers (Imperial Armour Aeronautica)  235pts

Total: 1846

Name: Sean Gill
Army: Necrons

HQ1 - Destroyer Lord, Sempiternal Weave 140pts
Troop 1 - 10 Immortals, TRANSPORT1   170pts
Troop 2 - 10 Immortals, TRANSPORT2   170pts
Troop 3 - 10 Immortals 170pts
Elite 1 - Triarch Stalker 150 
Elite 2 - Triarch Stalker 150
Fast Attack 1: 6 Canoptek Wraiths, 2 Whipcoils 230
Fast Attack 2: 6 Canoptek Wraiths , 2 Whipcoils 230
Fast Attack 3: 6 Canoptek Wraiths , 2 Whipcoils 230
Transport 1 – Night Scythe 100pts
 Transport 2 – Night Scythe 100

TOTAL 1840 pts

Name: Bennett Morley
Army: Space Wolves

HQ1 – Rune Priest, Power Armour , Jaws of the World Wolf, Living Lightning      100pts
HQ2 – Rune Priest, Terminator Armour, Living Lightning, Murderous Hurricane   120pts
HQ3 – Wolf Lord, Runic Armour, Space Marine Bike, Storm Shield, Wolf Claw    205pts
Troop1 – 10 Grey Hunters, 2 x Plasma Guns, Wolf Standard    170pts
Troop2 – 10 Grey Hunters, 2 x Plasma Guns, Wolf Standard    170pts
Troop3 - 10 Grey Hunters, 2 x Melta Gun, Wolf Standard    165pts
Troop4 - 10 Grey Hunters, 2 x Melta Gun, Wolf Standard, TRANSPORT1    165pts
Elite1 – 5 Wolf Scouts, Heavy Bolter    80pts
Fast Attack1 – 3 Thunderwolf Cavalry, 3 x Storm Shields, Thunder Hammer    270pts
Heavy1 – 6 Long Fangs, 2x Las Cannon, 3 x Plasma Cannon      200pts
Heavy2 – 6 Long Fangs, 2 x Las Cannon, 3 x Missile Launcher      170pts
Transport1 – Drop Pod   35pts

TOTAL 1850pts

Thursday, 6 September 2012

The new look Skull Reapers

After another less than successful outing for the Skull Reapers under the Black Templar codex, I’m coming to conclusion that the build I was using at the end of 5th edition doesn’t cut it in 6th. Last night I played against an Eldar / Blood Angel army list and was basically torrented off the board by his 3 units of 3 Warwarkers. It exposed that even though I have 5 troop choices. They are each only 5man units and have a survivability issue. I made mistakes, I forgot to interceptor fire my Quad Gun when the Blood Angels deep strike onto the board, didn’t play the range game with my Cyclones and spread out across my board edge which is never a good thing against Eldar, I should have bunched up a little more. So I’ve decided to move codex with the Skull Reapers, and although I think Space Wolves would be a strong army in the current meta, I’m going to a team event at the end of Sept and the Space Wolf slot is taken, so I’ve decided to move to Vanilla marines.

So stuff that a 6th edition army needs to compete and what can the Marines bring to the slot. First off are flyers. You need a tactic for dealing with flyers, I thought the Black Templars could adopt the “ignore them” tactic with their Terminators shrugging off the fire, however Flyers either have high AP weapons, Las Cannons and the like which WILL hurt Terminators or a lot of shots. This tactic just didn’t work so I need to think how to deal. However not all armies have flyer and I need to ensure that what I take to deal with them isn’t rendered useless with a non-flyer army. If the rumours are to be believed then Missile Launchers are going the way of having Krak/Frag OR Flak, hence making the unit pretty useless against a none flyer army if you upgrade. Not sure I agree with that, but it’s not in the codex yet so it doesn’t matter. The first tactic to deal with flyers is Aegis defence line with gun emplacement. First choice is Quad gun vs. Las Cannon. The second part of this tactic is crewing the gun. In the marine codex there is an obvious choice, Sergeant Tellion. He has a really high BS means the hit is pretty likely. Add to this that his scouts will be behind the defence line, with Cloaks and Tellion’s stealth which now confers to his squad they’ll get a 2+ cover save, making them hard to dig out. If my opponent has no flyers there’s still a good scoring unit which will be hard to shoot off an objective if it’s in cover.

One anti-flyer unit screams “shoot me!” The gun emplacement can be targeted and taken off the board so I don’t want to rely solely on it. The other option for dealing with flyers is your owns flyers. For Space Marines this mean Storm Talons. They can take on flyer on their own terms and with Str6 (rending) and Str7 multiple shots they can take down the typical AV12 flyers. If the enemy has no flyers they can harass smaller enemy units with a torrent of fire.

Another trick in 6th edition is wound allocation. There are a number of builds out there which use the LOS roll to manipulate the damage, stacking the hits on either the 1 model in the unit with the better saves, or distributing hits across several multi-wound models. There are two ways to deal with this, the first is precise shot, you can allocate the hit, not the opponent. Tellion already brings this to the game and by upgrading the scouts with Sniper Rifles they too will be able to pick their targets on to hit roll of 6. The other option is negate this is changing the direction the shots are coming from. Barrage is one special rule which allows for this as the wound allocation works from the centre of the template rather than the direction of the unit. For Space Marines this means Whirlwinds, however I’m still not sold on them so I’ll leave that. The other option is to simply get units out of position so their shots come in from directions the unit is not set up for. One option is highly manoeuvrable unit who can quickly out flank and fire into the unit, the Storm Talons fill this role nicely once they’ve finished dealing with enemy flyers. Another option is deep striking units so they land out of position for their target’s preferred firing direction and hit them in the side or backs. The Marines have a number of options for this, Drop Pods, Terminators, Jump infantry all have deep strike. I’ll be taking drop pods for two of my troop choices, I’m taking two despite the fact that I’ll probably leave one empty and deploy the unit on the board. That way I can choose to bring down the occupied pod at either turn 1 or leave it for reserves.

Looking over the common lists I’m hearing from there is also another big thing, the T5 FnP units (mostly bikers) I want to combat them too, so I’m going to give a Vindicator a try to use its Str10 pie plate to ward off the big units coming too close. I’m also taking some assault troops as a counter attack unit and also a potential tank hunting unit. Now that vehicles are WS1 even then they move means you hit fast moving tanks on a 3+ add in the extra hammer of wrath attacks from assaulting with jump packs they should be fairly good at hunting and killing the AV10 rear armour tanks. Round the army off with a number of 10man tactical squads to give some bulk to the force and there you have it. My Army list is going to be

HQ – Librarian
Troop1 – 10man Tactical Squad, Missile Launcher, Plasmagun, Power Sword, melabomb
Troop2 – 10man Tactical Squad, Missile Launcher, Plasmagun, Power Sword, melabomb, Drop Pod
Troop3 – 10man Tactical Squad, Multimelta, Meltagun, Power Sword, melabomb, Drop Pod
Troop4 – 5 Scouts with Tellion, Camo Cloaks
Elite1 – Terminator Squad, Assault Cannon, Chainfist
Fast1 – 10 Assault Marines, Power Weapon, Meltabomb
Fast2 – Sky Talon, Talon Missile Launcher
Fast3 – Sky Talon, Talon Missile Launcher
Heavy1 – Vindicator
Formation – Aegis Defence Line with Lascannon

It’s a fairly balance list with counters to most 6th edition tricks I know of. I think it will struggle against someone who massively spams a single tactic, so 6 flyers etc. but who knows. What it does mean is once against I’ve got a hell of a lot of painting to do in the next 2 weeks before Northern Warlords.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Black Templars, can they cut it in 6th edition?

I'm having a bit of loss of faith with the Black Templars. I've had a few more games of 6th edition and I'm not liking what I see.

6th edition has seen some advances for the BTs. We no longer have to fire at the closest target, plus Terminators got a lot harder in CC with power weapons no longer penetrating our 2+ armour. But there's been more downsides.

Tank hunter got worse, we no longer get preferred enemy but the biggest issue I see is the new boys on the block, flyers. I've played a couple of games against them and they rip the Black Templars a new one, especially Vendettas. What I don't know is how the tournament meta has developed. Are flyers the common army? will i be facing 3+ flyer in most games? I don't know how good the weapon payload on other flyers, but 3 Lascannons on a vehicle that can barely be touched with firing is impossible to deal with.

I'd like to keep the core of the Black Templar army
HQ1: Emperor's Champion (90), Abhor the Witch (20)  - 110pts
HQ2: Marshal (80),  Terminator Armour (25),Adamantine Mantle (35), Chainfist (30), Stormshield (15), Tank Hunter (3), Bionics - 193pts
HQ3: Sword Brethren Terminator Squad, 4 Terminators (160), 2 Assault Cannons (40), Tank Hunters (12) - 212pts
Elite1: Sword Brethren Terminator Squad, 5 Terminators (200), 2 Assault Cannons (40), Tank Hunters (15) - 255pts
Elite2: Sword Brethren Terminator Command Squad, 5 Terminators (200), 2 Cyclone Missile Launchers (50) Tank Hunter(15) - 265pts
Elite2: Sword Brethren Terminator Command Squad, 5 Terminators (200), 2 Cyclone Missile Launchers (50) Tank Hunter(15) - 265pts
Troop1: Crusader Squad, 5 Initiates (80), Plasma Gun (6), LasCannon (15) - 101pts
Troop2: Crusader Squad, 5 Initiates (80), Plasma Gun (6), LasCannon (15) - 101pts
Troop3: Crusader Squad, 5 Initiates (80), Plasma Gun (6), LasCannon (15) - 101pts
This all come in at 1618 pts leaving me 232pts spare. My dilemma is can i use this to make Black Templars usable? Options I've considered are

Adding in a Guard detachment. For the 232 points I can get a platoon a HQ a smattering of Autocannons. These up the number of  Troop choices I've got but still have no reliable way to deal with flyer, and would require a monumental painting effort between now and the 22nd Sept!

Option 2 is maybe an Ageis defense line and Quad gun for anti flyer, but surely the enemy just targets the gun with all their first round firing and destroys it before his flyers arrive? I'm not sure how reliable it is at anti-flyer warfare. The remaining points would like go on some more troops.

Ignore flyer, accept that any heavy flyer army will kick my ass and hope my tournament isn't spoiled by flyer after flyer after flyer and pad out the army with a couple more troop choices

I've got 3 weeks to decide (less if I go for option 1 as I need to start painting straight away) and I'm very undecided. Why couldn't GW have just recodexed the Chaos Space Marines by now?