Thursday, 31 January 2013

Caledonia Uprising 2013 - Game 4

Crusade \ Dawn of War vs. Dan Sackett [Dark Eldar / Eldar]

Day 2 and I’m fairly well positioned. I’ve had two wins and a loss but my wins have been total smashes where I’d tabled my opponents, so I was entering day 2 on 42 of 60 points. My game four is against an old friend from York (until he moved away) Dan Sackett and his Dark Eldar / Eldar army.

HQ1: Haemonculus (50) = [50]
Troop1: Wrack Squad: 3 Wracks (30) = [30]
Troop2: Kabalite Warrior Squad: 8 Warriors (72) = [72]
FA1: Reaver Jetbike Squad: 9 Reaver Jetbikes (198) Arena Champion (10) 3 Cluster
Caltrops (60) 3 Heat Lances (36) = [304]
FA2: Reaver Jetbike Squad: 9 Reaver Jetbikes (198) Arena Champion (10) 3 Cluster
Caltrops (60) 3 Heat Lances (36) = [304]

HQ1: Farseer (55) Jetbike (30) Singing Spear (3) Spirit Stones (20) Runes of Warding (15)
Runes of Witnessing (10) Doom (25) Fortune (30) = [188]
HQ1b: Warlock Unit: 7 Warlocks (175) 7 Jetbikes (140) 5 with Destructor (50) 1 with
Enhance (15) 1 with Embolden (5) 1 Singing Spear (3) = [388]
Troop 1 : Guardian Jetbike Unit: 3 Jetbikes (66) = [66]
Troop 2 : Guardian Jetbike Unit: 3 Jetbikes (66) = [66]
FA1: Nightwing Interceptor (145) = [145] (Forgeworld Imperial Armour Aeronautica)
HS1: Phoenix Bomber (225) Nightfire Missile Launcher (10) = [235] (Forgeworld Imperial
Armour Aeronautica)

The Reavers are fast and pretty nasty in their turbo boost fly by attack, but if I can lock them in combat I should be ok. Similarly the Seer Council is a tough nut to crack and will be shutting down my psychic powers. His troop choices are fairly flimsy but I don’t expect to see them push forward to the last turn. Combine that with the flyers and it’s a nasty match up. I won the roll to go first and set up a fairly large block in the centre of my deployment zone. Dan wanted to ensure he took minimal casualties on his Reaver units before they had chance to move and gain their jink saves, so deployed tightly in a corner out of range of the Biovores and one of the Tyrants, along with the Haemonculus for feel no pain on the front unit. The seer council was more centrally deployed, with all his troop choices held in reserve.

Turn one and after a couple of attempts to cast psychic powers resulted in a perils and a fail the Tyranids opt to stop casting. Both Tervigons spawn Gaunts and the battle line advanced out. Unlike Screamers, Reavers need to move in a straight line in their turbo boost and so bubble wrap works a lot better. The Two tyrants flew forward, one headed towards the Reavers the other headed towards the Seer Council. Firing phase and the Tyrant and Biovores fire at the Seer Council and without the benefit of Fortune the Farseer take a wound and one of the warlocks died. On the other side of the board the Warlord Tyrant opened up on the Reavers, but their 5+ saves and 5+ feel no pain meant only 1 died. In Dan’s turn the Reavers and Seer Council advanced. Both units of Reavers then over flying a large unit of Gaunts at the front of the army wiping them out, Ending their movement in the corner of my deployment zone. Then Dan did something I’m still a little confused over, the Seer council turbo boosted across the board and landed right next to my table edge near a large pack of Gaunts and a Tervigon.

Turn two and the Doom fails to arrive from reserve on a 2+ roll. This would eventually work out in my favour, but it was a little frustrating. The devourer Gaunts landed near the Reavers and the Gargoyles moved to also intercept them backed up by a Tyrant and Tervigon, the hope was to charge at least one of the packs to pin them to the ground. Meanwhile the  other Tervigon spawned more Gaunts and manoeuvred them to charge the Seer Council. Firing and the Tyrant and Devourer Gaunts fired on one pack of Reavers and managed to shoot down six of the Reavers. The Biovores and Tervigon opened up on the bunched up Reavers, but scattered off the board killing nothing. The Reaver unit then failed a leadership test and broke away. The Gargoyles charged into second unit of Reavers but due to the way they had been strung out they only just managed to contact the Reavers, who killed almost half the unit leaving the remaining Gargoyles out of range of the survivors and so they were free to move. The Seer Council however weren’t as lucky, they were charged by two packs of Gaunts who simply tar pitted the Eldar and slowly chipped away at them. In Dan’s turn all his reserves arrive. The four troop choice all arrive on the corner diagonally opposite to the corner where the majority of my Gaunts were fighting the Reavers. The broken Reavers rallied but couldn’t move to gain their enhanced save. The other Reavers flew over another unit of Gaunts to attack them again. Dan’s fighter and bomber also arrived and also targeted Gaunt troop squads. The Devourer armed Gaunts were reduced to five models by the bomber and the Gargoyles were also hit.  The Farseer managed to cast his Fortune despite having to roll 4 dice, discard the highest and sum the remaining results (the combination of Runes of Witnessing and Shadow in the Warp), but with little combat output they struggled to put a dent into the large Gaunt packs locked in combat with them.

Turn three and the Doom arrived landing near Dan’s troop choices with all but one unit of Jetbikes in range of his life leech ability. The Tervigon near the Seer Council spawn more Gaunts for the fight and then moved up to cover the combat with his toxin sac upgrade.  The Warlord Tyrant flew off the board as he was unable to move to a useful position this turn. In the firing phase the Doom sucked wounds off all three units in range of his ability and the Wracks broke and ran off the board. He then managed to manifest psychic scream on the undamaged Jetbike squad and wiped them out. Killing two of the four troop choices was a good start. The Reavers were fired on by Gaunts, Gargoyles and Hive Guard but was largely ineffective due to cover saves and both units now having feel no pain. The combat between the Gaunts and the Seer Council dragged on but it was becoming clear it was a fight the Seer council were slowly loosing, They don’t have a high combat output and were only managing to kill 2 or 3 Gaunts a turn. Whereas even with their fortune enhanced saves one warlock was dying each round, and there were a lot more Gaunts than warlocks. Dan’s firing continued to focus on my troop choices too. His warriors backed away from the Doom whilst the remaining Jetbikes zoomed off to avoid further life leeching or psychic screams. The Reavers, Fighter and Bomber fire once more and further reduced the Gaunts, he killed off the remaining devourer armed Gaunts as well as another pack which had been hiding on an objective. The Reaver’s movement and turbo boasting was somewhat limited by the fear of the Hive Guard. As the Impaler Cannons didn’t allow cover saves unless a unit was actually in cover the Reavers couldn’t rely on their jink saves to keep them alive and so had to ensure their movements ended in terrain. Combat and another Warlock died to the Gaunts leaving only the Farseer and a single Warlock vs. around 20 Gaunts.

Turn four, with only a handful of Gaunts remaining this game was going to come down to the Tervigons to hold objectives luckily both were in position within terrain next to objectives. The Flying tyrant returned to the board and head straight for the Jetbikes, meanwhile the Doom headed back into range of the Kalabite Warriors. Firing and the remaining warriors were absorbed into the Doom through life leech and psychic scream. The Jetbike squad was cut down by the Tyrant Devours, robbing Dan of all scoring units. My Gargoyles headed towards Dan’s Haemonculus who had been hiding at the back of the board, as this was his warlord. The Hive Guard managed to kill another two Reavers who had landed on the upper levels of a ruin to benefit from a 4+ cover save.  Combat and the last of the Warlocks was dragged off his bike and eaten, leaving only the Farseer. Dan’s turn four and the Fighter targeted the Doom hoping to tap him out with his instant kill firepower, but the Doom’s saves held and the menace of the Eldar lived on. The Bomber turned its attention to the Hive Tyrant as it was my Warlord and worth another VP. Luckily his dive to the floor manoeuvre meant he Jink’ed one of the AP3 shots and save the shuriken cannon fire so only lost a single wound. The Farseer lost a wound in combat against the Gaunts, things weren’t look good for him.
Turn five and unfortunately we were running out of time and had to declare this as the last turn. This plays well into the Eldar’s trick of swooping units across the board to contest objectives. There was more fire at the Reavers and the Hive Guard managed to reduce one unit down to a single model, sadly that was all Dan would need to contest an objective.  Both Tervigons stood next to their objectives and waited for the oncoming storm.  In Dan’s turn, as expected, both Reaver units zoomed over and contested both my objectives. In combat the Farseer finally fell to the Gaunts, it had taken the little blighters almost the whole game, but they’d dragged down and killed the Seer Council. Then the game ended. In the end Dan one 2 – 1 on VPs which translated to a  11 – 9 win to him for the round. The frustrating thing is if we’d managed one more turn it would likely have been a dramatic turnaround as one objective was being contested by a single Reaver vs. an unwounded Tervigon, whilst the other was being contested by 4 Reavers vs. a Tervigon and his two Gaunts packs. Dan’s warlord would also have suffered as my Warlord Tyrant was baring down on him, Devourers ready to fire. Having said that we don’t know how much damage his Bomber and Fighter would have caused. They could have a go at slaying my Warlord, the Doom gaining me Line Breaker or the Tervigons holding objectives so you can never say for certain.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Caledonia Uprising 2013 - Game 3

Purge the Alien \ Hammer and Anvil vs. Owen Lewis [Space Wolves]

So I’d tabled one opponent and nearly been tabled by another. Game three was against one of the few Space Wolves lists not to be using allies. Owen was using a Logan drop list with a fearsome alpha strike. I had played several games against Bennett’s drop list in the build up to Caledonia so I was reasonable confident going into this game. Owen’s list was -

HQ 1: Logan Grimnar, [275 pts]
HQ 2: Wolf Priest (100), Runic Armour (20), Plasma Pistol (15) = [135 pts]
HQ 3: Rune Priest (100), Terminator Armour (20), Combi-Plasmagun (5), Jaws of the Wolf Wolf and Living Lightning = [125 pts]
Elite 1: Lone Wolf (20), Terminator Armour (25) , Chainfist (25), Storm Shield (15) = [85 pts]
Elite 2: Lone Wolf (20), Terminator Armour (25) , Chainfist (25), Storm Shield (15) = [85 pts]
Troops1: 8 Wolf Guard (8*18=144), 14 Combi-Plasmaguns (14*5=70), Terminator armour (15), Power Axe (-), Storm Shield (15) and Cyclone Missile Launcher (30) = [274 pts] + Dedicated Transport1
Troops 2: 3 Wolf Guard (3*18=54),1 Boltgun (-) 1 Bolt pistol (-) 2 Terminator Armour (2*15=30),
2 Storm Shields (2*15=30) and 2 x Power Axe (-) = [114 pts] + Dedicated Transport 2
Troops 3: 7 Grey Hunters (7*15=105), Flamer (-), Wolf Standard (10) = [115 pts]
Troops 4: 7 Grey Hunters (7*15=105), Flamer (-), Wolf Standard (10) = [115 pts]
Heavy Support 1: 5 Long Fangs + 1 Squad Leader (6*15=90), 5 Multi-Meltas (5*10=50) = [140 pts] +
Dedicated Transport 3
Heavy Support 2: 5 Long Fangs + 1 Squad Leader (6*15=90), 5 Missile launchers (5*10=50) = [140 pts]
Heavy Support 3: 5 Long Fangs + 1 Squad Leader (6*15=90) 5 Missile launchers (5*10=50) = [140 pts]
Dedicated Transport 1 : Drop pod [35 pts]
Dedicated Transport 2 : Drop pod [35 pts]
Dedicated Transport 3 : Drop pod [35 pts]

Knowing how these drop list work I planned to bubble wrap my monstrous creatures with Gaunts. This was made more complex by the fact it was “kill points” and with Owen already having less VPs available than me I was reluctant to spawn too many additional Gaunt units. I got to go first and proceeded to put this plan into action. The Tervigons and Hive Guard hid in the middle of the Gaunts and Gargoyles. Owen deployed the two Long Fang packs with Missile Launchers as well as one of the grey hunter packs. The remaining troops, with the exception of a grey hunter pack, were in drops pod.

Turn one started and the two flying Tyrants shot forward to put pressure on the Long Fangs. The rest of the army shuffled forward and one of the Tervigons spawned an additional unit to close a gap in the bubble wrap. The Tyrants both fire on one of the Long Fangs but unfortunately only managed to reduce it down to 2 men. Owen’s turn started and as expected the drop pods containing the large pack of wolf guard, along with the Rune Priest and Wolf Priest landed near to a Tervigon, whilst the other pod landed close to my back board edge and the multi-melta armed long fangs, Logan and Wolf Guard with Cyclone disembarked. Unfortunately for me, I hadn’t quite bubble wrapped properly and the combi plasmas managed to land within 12” of one of my Tervigons. During the firing phase the Tergivon evaporated in 17 plasma shots. The melta long fangs split fire and two krak missiles and two melta tapped out both of my Biovores, whilst the rest of the squad fired on the Zoanthropes. At the other end of the board the Long Fangs and Grey Hunters managed to down and kill my Warlord Tyrant.

So start of turn two and things weren’t looking good. I was already 5 victory points down  (Tervigon, Tyrant, Biovores, First Blood, Slay the Warlord) as well as having units which would give him Line Breaker at the end of the game. Luckily both of my reserves became available. The devourer Gaunts land at the far end of the board to support the Tyrant, whilst the Doom landed near to the large Wolf Guard pack. The Tyrant flew over the remnants of the Long Fang pack and vector striked the last two members of the squad.  Firing and the Doom inflected three wounds on the Wolf Guard with his innate ability and then manifested Psychic Shriek to kill another two.  Meanwhile the Gaunts and Hive Tyrant combined their fire to kill off the majority of the second Long Fang pack. Logan’s Long Fang was fire upon by three packs of Gaunts before being charged, with over 25 Gaunts in combat with the 7 men it was unlikely they would ever be free from it. Owen’s turn two and his last drop pod didn’t arrive. The remnants of the Wolf Guard moved to get away from the Doom before shooting their plasma into him as the Rune Priest attempted to manifest Jaws. Unfortunately for them, I passed the initiative test to save him from instant death. His two lone wolves continued to advance across the board towards the Tyranid deployment zone.

Turn three, I needed to deal with the advancing Lone Wolves, but didn’t want to kill them as they were worth victory points while alive in this game, so I planned to tie them up in endless combat with minions. The Flock of Gargoyles made a beeline towards one of them ready to charge.  The Doom continued to chase the Wolf Guard, whilst the remaining Tervigon moved up to extend his poison bubble onto the combat between the Long Fangs and three packs of Gaunts.  Firing phase and the Doom sucked the life from the remaining Wolf Guard leaving only the Wolf Priest and Rune Priest alive. The Tyrant finished off the remaining Long Fangs at the other end of the board whilst the Devourer Gaunts turned their attention to the Grey Hunter Pack. The combat between the Logan and his Long Fangs and the Gaunts was going well, the majority of the unit had fallen including the terminator equipped Wolf Guard, Logan was proving a little more difficult to take down.  The Gargoyle however clearly hadn’t read the battle plan as in one round of combat they killed the Lone Wolf???  Turn three for Owen saw the arrival of the last drop pod, its cargo, a single Wolf Guard. It landed out of site behind a tall building in my deployment zone corner, I’m not sure Owen had remember what Hive Guard can do. The remaining Grey Hunters opened up on the devourer Gaunts and halved the unit, whilst the Rune Priest tried to Jaws the Doom again, this time only to be denied.

Turn four and the battle was turning in favour of the hive fleet. The doom once more followed the priests and sucked a wound from the Rune Priest. The Hive Guard made short work of the lone Wolf Guard hiding by his pod. The Tyrant and remaining devourer Gaunts finished off the Grey Hunters whilst the Gargoyles and some Gaunts moved towards the remaining Lone Wolf taking a wound off him in combined firing. Combat and all the remaining Long Fangs were dead, it was just Logan versus Gaunts, but he was killing three a turn and slowly ploughing through the units. If he got free it wouldn’t be good. Owen was running out of units he only had three characters, a lone wolf, the drop pod and 8 Grey Hunters which automatically arrived from reserve this turn. They attempted to hide from the devourer Gaunts and Tyrant by taking advantage of a large LOS blocking impassable terrain feature in his deployment zone. Once again the Rune Priest attempted Jaws, but again it was denied. The frustration of not being able to cast the spell clearly showing for Owen.

Turn five, make or break time, there were a lot of kill points still on the table for Owen as he majority of the solo models alive were worth one each. The Hive Guard blew up the drop pod and finally Logan lost his last wound to the Gaunts in combat with him. The flying Tyrant headed one way around the LOS terrain, the gaunts the other hoping to catch the newly arrived Grey Hunters in the middle. The Gaunts couldn’t draw LOS to them but the Tyrant could and killed four of the eight including precision shots to the standard bearer and flamer. The Gargoyles and gaunts finished off the Lone Wolf in combat and consolidated toward the two Priests. In Owen’s turn the two character split up heading in different directions to prevent to the Doom getting close to both of them. This time the Rune Priest failed his leadership test and couldn’t cast Jaws. The Grey Hunters took a couple of shots at the flying Tyrant but caused no real damage. We rolled, and there was a turn six.

Turn Six, I was pressing for another tabling. The Gaunts and Tyrant finished off the last few Grey Hunters in a nasty crossfire, whilst the Wolf Priest died to the Impaler Cannons of the Hive Guard. The Rune priest passed his Leadership test against the Doom and then nullified his attempt to cast Psychic Shriek. Finally the Gargoyles charged him locking him in the Doom’s range. His 2+ runic armour keeping his final wound intact. Owen’s turn and it moved straight to combat as the Rune Priest was all that was left. The two units struck simultaneously and although the Priest felled another Gargoyle, he fail a save and died.

The Tyranids has achieved their second tabling of the tournament, and I was once again heading back up the tables towards all those horrible Daemon and Necron lists that occupied the high levels of Caledonia Uprising.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Caledonia Uprising 2013 - Game 2


Emperor’s Will & Relic \ Dawn of War vs Matt Edmonds [Daemons]
I found myself on table two facing off against a pure screamer flamer spam list. The mission was a combination of the two rulebook missions where there were three objectives on the board each worth three VPs and the centre one could be picked up and carried. Matt was using the current Daemon net list that people are scared of (me included)

HQ1: Fate Weaver (333) Soul Devourer(-) Master of Sorcery(-) We are Legion(-) Breath of Chaos(-) Daemonic Gaze(-) Boon of Mutation(-) Bolt of Tzeentch(-)
HQ2: Blue Scribes (130) Master of Sorcery(-) We are Legion(-) Warpfire(-) Breath of Chaos(-) Daemonic Gaze(-) Boon of Mutation(-) Bolt of Tzeentch(-) Pavane of Slaanesh(-) Aura of Decay(-)
ELITES1: 8 Flamers of Tzeentch(184) Warpfire(-) Breath of Chaos(-)
ELITES2: 8 Flamers of Tzeentch(184) Warpfire(-) Breath of Chaos(-)
ELITES3: 6 Flamers of Tzeentch(138) Warpfire(-) Breath of Chaos(-)
TROOPS1: 7 Plaguebearers of Nurgle(105) Chaos Icon(25) Plague sword(-)
TROOPS2: 5 Plaguebearers of Nurgle(90) Plague sword(-)
TROOPS3: 5 Plaguebearers of Nurgle(90) Plague sword(-)
TROOPS4: 5 Plaguebearers of Nurgle(90) Plague sword(-)
FAST1: 7 Screamers of Tzeentch(175) Lamphrey's Bite(-)
FAST2: 7 Screamers of Tzeentch(175) Lamphrey's Bite(-)
FAST3: 7 Screamers of Tzeentch(175) Lamphrey's Bite(-) 

 There really was nothing subtle about this army and it all hinged on the flamers and screamers doing their damage whilst the plague bearers hid near objectives. In theory I had to torrent these units off the board, overcoming their 5++ and 4++ save, often with rerolls due to Fateweaver. I also had to watch out for Fateweaver and the Scribes getting too close to my monstorous creatures and attempting to turn them into spawns. I really can’t pass a toughness six test to save my life when it comes to this power, as previous experience at Blog Wars had shown me.

Matt won the roll off and as usual for Daemons made me take first turn. I deployed in as large a footprint as I could whilst protecting my big guys to prevent them being targeted first turn. Relatively certain he wouldn’t attempt to seize I did leave gaps in front of my Tervigons for them to spawn into. Sure enough Marr didn’t attempt to seize and so I just spread out some more, producing more Gaunts and ensuring that my Tyrants could swoop whilst still remaining in the heart of the swarm. Matt got his preferred wave of all the Flamers, Fateweaver a unit of screamers and a unit of plague bearers. The first to land were the Plague Bearers, they targeted an objective close to an in-passable terrain feature and with luck the first unit scattered onto the building and then died due to the mishap. Next to land was Fateweaver and then a unit of flamers, which did so without issue. However the second unit of flamers misshaped again, this time scattering into the swarm footprint. I chose to position them over 18” away on the opposite flank from Fateweaver and inside a forest and the terrain struck again, taking a wound off one of them. The Screamers turbo boosted and killed some Gaunts as too did some firing from flamers and Fateweaver.

Turn two and only my Devourer Gaunts arrived from reserves, which was a shame as the daemons were fairly packed together around Fateweaver. The Tyrants broke off from the pack to target Flamer units and the Gaunts landed to add their firepower into the screamers and flamers. However Matt’s dice were on fire and he was rolling huge numbers of 5++ and 4++ saves even before getting rerolls for Fateweaver. My firepower pretty much just bounced off the Daemons killing very little. This was going to be a frustrating game. Matt’s warlord trait was to reroll reserve dice and he used it to keep the remaining Plague Bearers in reserve whilst bringing in the other units. The firing phase was pretty much the same Flamers shot and screamers turbo boasted killing mostly the Gaunt screen around my main battle lines, but I was running out of bodies and one of my Tervigons had already run out.

Turn three and the Doom! made an appearance … and promptly scattered off the board and died, not a good start. The Tyrants switched to hunt his troop choices, the warlord had to fly across the board towards where the plague bearers were hiding, but the second one got a unit it its sights and in one combined round of firing from him and the remnants of the Gargoyles and Devourer armed Gaunts deleted a unit. However the defense around my home objective was crumbling fast, my Tervigon and two units of Gaunts charge two separate Screamer units trying to pin them in combat and prevent them from turbo boosting over more units. The Tervigon relying on his iron arm enhanced toughtness to stop the Screamers from wounding whilst the Gaunts were just fodder. Matts turn was brutal. The flamer unit on my left flank which had misshaped on their arrival finally made it to my battle line and burnt away the Gaunt screen defending the Biovores, however it was the centre where I really suffered. My warlord was grounded by Fateweaver’s firing and then the flamers opened fire with their assault weapons and killed him. The Tevigon continued to fight but the Gaunts were being whittled away, they needed support!

Turn four and the game was rapidly slipping away from me. I’d lost one of my major threats in the form of my Warlord and was being assaulted on all sides. Determined to continue the plan to at least force a draw I targeted the remaining Plague Bearer unit on the board (the last one was still in reserves). My Tyrant fired and only managed to kill a couple, the Gargoyles fired ineffectively and then charged the unit. Back in the centre my pair of Zoanthropes charged into the combat with the screamers who were fighting only Gaunts. One had Iron arm the other warp speed making for a fairly odd combat unit, majority toughness 6 with a 3++ save should see them stick around for a while.  Matt continue to press home his advantage, his Flamer unit on my left burnt out the Biovores and swept inward towards the small unit of Gaunts and Hive Guard defending my home objective. The scribes and Fateweaver continued to target the other Tyrant, determined to bring him down or turn him into a spawn, luckily to no affect this turn. The Plague bearers beat off the Gargoyles and move back towards his home objective. Meanwhile the last remaining unit of Plague Bearers had arrived from reserve, almost misshaped when they attempted to land near the relic but were not running to secure to middle objective.

Turn Five, with luck the last turn of the game and I’d avoid being tabled. The Tyrant fired on the remaining Plague Bearers but only managed to reduce the unit down to two models. The Gaunts fighting in the centre were all but wiped out, but the Tervigon and Zoanthropes were holding their own. It was pretty much down to combat, my 2nd Tervigon charged into the Screamers because it was safer in there than outside when the 3rd screamer pack could fly by and the flamers get to him.  In Matt’s turn he charged in the last of his screamers into the Zoanthrope as between them they’d now almost totally seen off the first unit of screamers. The combat raged on and both Zoanthropes were reduced to a single wound. The plague bearers couldn’t make it to the relic in their movement phase and were forced to run onto it, meaning they didn’t have control. If it could end now it would be a 5 -15 loss, if it carried on it would only get worse, possibly even resulting in me getting tabled. So of course we rolled a turn six.

Turn six was fairly fast. In my turn one of the Tervigons perished, in Matt’s turn the Zoanthropes died, but at the end of Turn six we rolled and the game ended. I had a single Tervigon on two wounds and that was it, but because I’d scored first blood from the mishap and Matt hadn’t been able to get a troop choice onto my objective it was only an 2 – 18 loss. I was happy not to have been tabled, but I was sliding back down the ladder.