Thursday, 21 March 2013

Incoming Tau

2013, where am I? In the 40k Games of 40K I’ve had eight games so far (5 at Caledonia and 3 at the Yorkshire Open). Of these eight games I’ve won five, drawn two and only lost one (to the Daemon Flamer / Screamer spam). That said I’ve not had a game against Necrons so far or faced the triple Helldrake threat which is all over the internet at the moment.

Coming up I’ve got six games at the GT final coming up this weekend, as well as three more at Adepticon in just under a month (maybe even six if I make it into the final 16). I’ve also signed up for a ticket to the Throne of Skulls in May. I’m still hoping to get the full 40 games in with my Tyranids but I’m also looking to future.

For that reason I’ve decided to take part in the 40K UK podcast’s Age of Armies campaign . The basic idea is to buy and paint £50 of stuff for a new army each month, culminating in everyone who has taken part attending the same tournament with their new armies. I like the idea of the slow burn on collecting and painting as it allows me to have some small scale games 750, 1000pts as I’ve collected the level of models.

I’ve chosen to go for a Tau Empire army for the campaign. I’ve actually already got a Tau army, but with a new codex due in a couple of weeks and the host of extra models this will bring I’m thinking of just starting from scratch. I do like the look and feel of Tau, plus after a mostly close combat orientated army like Tyranids I fancy a complete switch up.

One thing I want to address straight away this time is the basing of the models. I’ve keen to avoid my usual poor paint and flock, I’ve used the sand and glue approach before and it works better but I’m thinking of trying something fancier this time, I’m just not sure what. It may involve buying some custom bases from one of the web stores or possibly putting more of an effort in before I glue models onto their bases. I’d welcome any suggestions of relatively simple way to make a more detailed base.

My first update is due on the first Wednesday on April, but given the new codex is released four later I think that might be a light update. I may look to pick up a box of fire warriors before then, but I suspect the main area of concentration will be on the basing solution.

Next update for the blog will be all about the games at the GT final. Looking forward to the weekend, but I think the games are going to be tough.