Thursday, 22 August 2013

Team Tournament Ideas

So I'm not Dead.

It's been a while since I posted here, to be honest after Adepticon and the Throne of Skulls I got a little burnt out on 40k and didn't play a game for a few months. There's been other distraction going on plus a nasty outbreak of Magic the Gathering in my local gaming club which has kept me away from Warhammer. I did go to a couple of events, helped York store retain our 40k trophy in the Yorkshire Invasion event at Warhammer World and also run a couple of small events at Garrison. So it's not been an entirely Warhammer free few months.

I am however enjoying organising tournaments, and as anyone who's GM'ed a tabletop roleplaying game knows, you always seem to end up running a game you really want to play in. Which brings me onto my next idea.

One of my highlights last year was attending a team tournament at Maelstrom, however with the departure of that venue it seems that this tournament isn't destined to repeat this year. I recently attended a one day team tournament in Hudderfield and enjoyed it, so I've been thinking about running a team tournament myself in York.

A quick count of board the Garrison has revealed we can put out 20 boards in total, there may be some extra terrain needed to fill them all but I can deal with that. That puts a fairly hard cap on the first event (if successful I may be able to increase it next year by convincing the club to buy more boards). So with 40 player spots the first choice is team size. Pure ETC eight man is probably out, mainly because I suspect most clubs and gaming groups of friends would struggle to put out such a large team, but also it would limit us to five team which doesn't suit the rounds maths too well. So I think I'll settle on eight teams of five (again ten teams of four doesn't quite work in matching).

The next decision is the pairing format, I've seen two versions of team tournament pairing. Option 1 is straight ETC pairing, possibly including a champion. This makes for an aggressive prey army approach since the first put up army is going to get a nasty matchup. It encourages teams to think about their team composition since they will need a fairly resilient army to put forward first.

The second option is the slightly nicer option where two armies are selected to face the put up and then the put up player get to select which of these he faces. This means that he is unlikely to face two horrible match ups, but chances are its still not going to be a fluffy battle.

At present I'm undecided on which of these to go with, I was leaning toward the first pure prey approach, but the more I think about it the more likely we are to get players on the second approach since it favour five friends being able to team up and bring they usual armies a lot easier. There will still be the restriction that each codex can only be taken once as primary and once as ally and mirror combination aren't allow of course.

There is also a host of other decisions to make, one day vs. two days, dates, mission creation (you need a points base mission set rather than simple win/loss which doesn't really favour mission straight from the rule book) as well as a lot of other choices I'll need to make., but I thought I'd get this initial blog written, get the idea out there and also prove I'm not dead.

As always comments and feedback is welcome.