Saturday, 16 August 2014

An outing into Malifaux

So I've totally lost faith in 40k. GW appear to be milking the cow with no regard for the quality of the product they produce. Poorly written rules which just make more questions than answers and now with the Wolves some of the worst model concepts I've ever seen. 40k as a competitive game is dead without TOs having to practically rewrite the rulebook, GW has now totally broken it.Quite frankly there are better games to play casually and since I enjoy tournaments I need to find a new game, Malifaux.

I've chosen the Ten Thunders faction, mainly because I like a lot of the visuals of the models. From what I'm starting to understand from reading blogs, listening to podcast and my experience playing them I once again appear to have picked the below par faction in a game. We've a mini league running at the Garrison and I chose Miskai.
 Unfortunately I'm using her badly. After a couple of early wins against people we weren't really taking it seriously I've pretty much lost every game of Malifaux I've played with her. I totally fluked a win against Yan Lo in the league and my only other win was against Gill, who hadn't played in over 12 months. Struggling to get to grips with her is an understatement.

Malifaux has one interesting mechanic around force selection.Unlike other games where you approach a game or tournament with a fixed roster which your stuck with though out the games. In Malifaux you hire your crew only once you know the strategy and schemes (think missions) and have met your opponent. Some time tournaments will limit you to a single master, more often you're limited to a single faction. For the GT and other tournaments I've booked onto its the later, so I want to collect three masters to use as my pool to select.

I've actually signed up for four tournaments with Malifaux in the next six months, including the GT at the end of the year, so I'd better get learning the rules. I don't expect to place very well, heck even my usual Mid Table Obscurity would be nice, my main aim between now and the GT is to get enough practise in so I don't ruin anyone else's weekend with crap or slow playing. I'm really worried of only getting to turn 3 in the allotted time, and that's not good.

Mei Feng is my second master, I've played a couple of games with her now and she seem a lot more survivable than Misaki. It might, however, be that at the same time I started with her I also found another star from the wave 2 models, Lone Swordsman (or Lone Swords-woman as my proxy is.)

I've played a couple of games with Mei and Swords-Woman and the pair have wrecked face against a couple of crews, whilst the rest of her minions rang around scoring. 


Because Shenlong wasn't released at GenCon like I was hoping, Yan Lo is the third master I'm trying to get ready. A lot less practise with him. He's definitely the tricksy Ten Thunders master, with his lightning dance swapping models around and his ability to build up Chi during a game to improve his abilities. Also his crew tends to be more self contained, it contains a lot less cross over from the other crews as most of his minions and members want to be ancestors so they can benefit from lots of his abilities.

I'll get some photos up of my crew and board I've build for Malifaux but as most of my loyal readers (and I suspect I might be about to loose a lot of those with the switch in games) know I'm not the world's greatest painter by any stretch of the imagination.